Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 4 - Managing Contacts

This section has been one of the most useful for me.  I use contact but, had not been using it fully. This section has allowed me to gain tools that I can use to better manage my many customers and networking folks.  I agree with Stephanie's post that the "note" section can also be a huge support as you record pertinent data that can assist in building bridges and supporting relationships with both new and established clientele.

With this new information, I am currently looking through my contact database, adding info, deleting outdated info, and reorganizing this pool of info.  I feel certain that it will become a more usable tool in this new light.



  1. I agree, this is a good example of how software programs that we use on a daily basis have far more potential than we can discover on our own.

  2. If you haven't already done so, check into merging your phone contacts with your computer contacts. I have mine set to sync whenever I plug my phone into my computer. It makes life much easier when upgrading phones.

  3. I feel we should all get together and explore different way to store and access our contacts. I have downloaded a free version of Bitrix 24. It was highly rated and is free, unlike many of the other CMA tools.

    Managing your contacts, leads and customers is imperative to success in the business world. I am not sure "How Much" of this information is needed when dealing with our students. I would like to hear your comments. BANNER, is our primary source and does ATC want us to gather more data on our students?

    This engaging conversation through blogging has been extremely helpful through this course and has been my favorite experience.

  4. I agree, Andy! I would enjoy having a discussion on Bitrix 24 and other applications for this purpose! The number of new applications is often overwhelming and it helps to sift through with others who have found workable solutions.