Thursday, September 17, 2015

UMMMM....Why IDs Are Important.

I am a big fan of Instructional Designers. IDs are so very important when putting together a lesson. They come up with over-arching objectives, learning objects, script, and finally pick out media. It seems that with this particular lesson the either didn't hire an ID or the ID they used was not good.

It is my contention that the content is there but that it was not presented very well. I had a hard time identifying with the main character. I understand her struggles and wanting to have her own "handbag" line but it seems to me she is unwilling to sacrifice to make that happen. Any Entrepreneur will tell you that the key to being successful is knowing when you have to sacrifice. Here starting salary was unbelievably high and to get that from her Mother seemed a little selfish.

My chief complaint was with the learning objects. The dog gone spread sheet would not let me move forward, even when I hit under 100. I liked the matching game but was very frustrated with the MS Excel examples.

I am hoping that these will get better and that I will be able to use them with my students but with this module I will not be using it.

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