Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 6 Lesson Plan

I decided to incorporate the HP Life Learning Module on Effective Presentations into the curriculum I am already teaching in FSSE.  One of the learning outcomes in the FSSE course is for students to demonstrate appropriate communication skills and computer skills.  I think that this module can assist my students in preparing their first PowerPoint Presentation where they introduce themselves to the class.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Week 6 - Lesson Plan

I have attached my lesson plan to the dropbox.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Personal Safety Awareness

After much debate, (with myself), I decided to present Personal Safety Awareness as my topic.  With the world changing events happening today, it seem imperative that we educate ourselves and as well as our students to the dangers around us. My presentation will first assess the students awareness level, then address procedures to help them, in "Not Becoming a Victim".  Andy

BeachBrenda_Week 6_ Lesson Plan

My lesson plan focuses on helping students understand the relationship between their digital footprint and their overall professional presence--online and in the real world.  Part of the learning strategy is for each student to investigate his or her own digital footprint to look for potential barriers to employment.   The plan is posted in the ANGEL course platform. Check it out, if you've got time.


Week 6: Augmented Reality

Here is a link to my lesson plan in Google Drive. I love Google Drive as all of my Clarke County students have their own account already. I really like doing this as it made me focus on how I would do this in my practice.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 6: Dye Lesson Plan

I have attached the lesson plan plus resources to Angel but here is a link to my dropbox.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Oops! Finances!!

I neglected to post a blog entry for "Finances".  Maybe this is because money/finances/numbers is an area which brings me great apprehension!  I am a writer by nature and feel quite comfortable in areas such as marketing and sales and yet traditionally avoid finances.

This course forced me into an area where I definitely needed a push!  It was a user friendly course and assisted me in grasping terminology, processes, etc.

I'm optimistic!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Reflections on week 5: Target Audience - Ron Gaines

The questions exercise shows the complexity of developing good questions that illicit the answers that will help you advertise your business. This looks like a simple task until you really look at the questions and consider how most people will answer them. 

The survey monkey simulation is a good introduction to a free online survey service that anybody can use.  The simulation allows the user to get comfortable with developing a survey.  After completing the simulation you realize that it is not as complicated as you think it is.

Week 5 - Effective Presentations

I LOVED this module.  I can and WILL be using this module in my FSSE course during the 7 week session I am starting in 2 weeks.  I found this to be a quick intro to giving a presentation and one that is desperately needed.  I try to tell my students to think about how their instructors are presenting material to them and mimic that but they just don't get it. I felt like this module clearly states that the purpose of the PowerPoint is to provide you a compliment your presentation not provide a 'script' for it.  I find many of my students just read from their slides.  It is very frustrating.

So the long and short of it is.... I will definitely be using this as a resource.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Reflections on Communications: Your Target Audience by Stephanie Phillips

This has been a very crazy, busy week for me so I only had time to view one module. I chose the "Your Target Audience" module. I found this module very interesting. I have been wanting to learn how to create online surveys to use for my classes. I enjoyed the activity that walked me through picking the best questions to ask to find your target audience. It reinforced the point that you should have a clear objective going into the survey, to use clear and simple language, avoid leading questions, be concise, and avoid using double barreled questions. It also helped me realize that simply restating a question may appeal to my participants more and I may receive more honest answers by doing so.

My husband and I also own a small business (bookstore) here in Athens and I found it very useful for us. We will certainly use this information to help build our business. Survey Monkey seemed very user friendly. It did not discuss if there are any cost related to using the site or if it is free to create the survey. Has anyone ever used this before and if so, how did you like it and does it cost anything to use?

Week 5 - Effective Presentations

I have used PowerPoint effectively for presentations to customers/stakeholders but have never used this medium to request funding.  This module required me to think in two differing veins which was beneficial.

I appreciated this bump to my thinking model and began to assess how I might challenge students to do this, also. My desire is to challenge students to be producers rather than simply consumers.  In that I need to find ways to assist them in following this pathway.

This module will be the springboard for my culminating lesson plan.  I will challenge students to develop a product and then develop to presentations for the two varied target audiences.  I'm thinking this will be a cornerstone piece for my project and certainly an important tool for my entrepreneurs (and me, also)!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 5: Communication - Your Target Audience

I could use this entire module next semester for my hospitality marketing class.  One of their projects will be to develop a marketing plan for a restaurant, a hotel, or a bed-and-breakfast.  The "story" for this module revolved around developing a survey for a guest house (or bed-and-breakfast). The resources included tutorials in survey development and the use of Survey Monkey. I have done a fair amount of survey development myself and I like the tips about keeping it short and simple and only measuring one variable at a time.  This module was easy to navigate.

Week 5 - Effective Presentations

It drives me crazy for presenters to flood their presentations with poorly constructed slides.  Each slide should convey a point and be visibly appealing to hold the audiences attention.  Too many times the fonts are crazy and too small.  Never think that the sound options for PowerPoint are necessary for business presentations, or at least not on every click of your mouse. 

This session reinforced the simplicity of slide information and the need to make your slides relevant  and appealing.    Andy

Week 4: OOPS I Missed It...sorry

Sorry folks. I somehow let this slip through.

The most relevant of these courses for my students was the IT for Business. Lots of times I get called in to come up with solutions for businesses and my students will be also doing this. My biggest question though was where do I get a cool Fez like Tarek was wearing. I think I would look dashing in Fez, much like the Doctor from season 5 for all my Whovians out there.

Week 5: Target Audience

So far this has been the most useful one for me and my program.

One of the things I have to talk with my students about is, "Who are you talking with?" This is an important question for Emerging Technologists (ETs-and yes we phone home to talk to our Moms :) ) because we sometimes speak over the heads of our clients and supervisors. For Digital Natives technology comes easy to them. So when they have to discuss it with Digital Immigrants they sometimes skip over things because to them this should be common knowledge. When I give them scenarios to play out they often involve someone who is over 35 and has a very basic knowledge of technology. This prepares them for the type of work they will be doing in the future.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 5: Target Audience + Effective Presentations

One of the most useful things that I learned while getting my Ph.D. was to identify the target audience and then tailor the presentation for them.  At first, the constant bombardment of questions from professors during the presentation seemed, at best, downright rude.  After a while I realized that they were doing it for my benefit.  Each person always asked similar types of questions so I was able to anticipate and put extra slides at the end of my presentation just for them.  That always went over well and showed that I was prepared and knew what I was talking about.

I might add identifying target audience to my lab sections.  One of our labs is a water analysis lab.  After we do our typical report meant for chemists I could have them prepare a second report meant for elementary students.

Week #5 - Communications - Laura Bowen

Week #5 - Communication - Laura Bowen

  After looking through the Communication module, I found the section on effective business websites very useful.  Even though I couldn’t get the technology part of it to work, I thought the resources were very helpful. It was much easier to go to and work from there instead of following the tutorial on HP.  I think this would be a excellent class activity - having students set up a web-site for a fictitious business.
      In my FSSE class we have an assignment about email etiquette so I really appreciated the section on business emails.   I know that I  assume everyone should know how to write a professional email. But,  I’m sure that my fellow bootcampers and instructors are well aware this is not the case for many students.  I am continually surprised by emails I receive from students.  So, for young entrepreneurs, I think this section would be an essential lesson in professionalism!  
 The section on target audience was weak.  It discussed how to build a survey to determine your target audience but it didn’t elaborate on what to do with the information once you got it or the best ways to reach your audience.  I might be expecting too much from these tutorials, but it seems like they would give you some resources so you could continue with your goal to reach your target audience?  

BeachBrenda_Week 5_Communication: Professionalism in Email

I completed the professional email segment in this Communication module.  More than anything else, I wanted to see what issues HP has identified as the roadblocks to effective email communication. As I was working through the exercises, it occurred to me that this segment is definitely not designed for people with advanced degrees or for people who entered the professional world before emoticons, texting slang, and being overly familiar with business contacts was standard procedure among many people who are trying to start out on a career path.

It just occurred to me –I’m a slow learner—that what we’re actually supposed to do after this five week boot camp is develop a single lesson using the information we’ve gained. I was all set to develop an entire course with segments related to each of the modules I completed. Ha! As if I could do that in the time between now and next week. So, what I think I am going to do is focus on this email professionalism segment, because I have noticed that many of my ATC students could use a little coaching.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reflections week 4: CRM - Ron Gaines

This week I completed the Customer Relationship Management module.  I have some experience with SalesForce; however, I appreciated the simple exercise emphasizing the fact that you can use Outlook as a simple and easy to use CRM tool.  Outlook is a program that most of my students already have on their computers and mobile devices. I downloaded the worksheet that outlines simple directions for using Outlook for CRM and I plan to use this in the classroom. The "plant exercise" was frustrating to complete; however, I think this was the point. The exercise was a good example of the frustration that many CSRs and Sales Reps experience when trying to keep up with contact information, appointments, and follow-up calls. The module is very similar to all of the other modules.  It is not an exhaustive study of the subject; however, it is a good introduction.