Monday, October 5, 2015

Week #5 - Communications - Laura Bowen

Week #5 - Communication - Laura Bowen

  After looking through the Communication module, I found the section on effective business websites very useful.  Even though I couldn’t get the technology part of it to work, I thought the resources were very helpful. It was much easier to go to and work from there instead of following the tutorial on HP.  I think this would be a excellent class activity - having students set up a web-site for a fictitious business.
      In my FSSE class we have an assignment about email etiquette so I really appreciated the section on business emails.   I know that I  assume everyone should know how to write a professional email. But,  I’m sure that my fellow bootcampers and instructors are well aware this is not the case for many students.  I am continually surprised by emails I receive from students.  So, for young entrepreneurs, I think this section would be an essential lesson in professionalism!  
 The section on target audience was weak.  It discussed how to build a survey to determine your target audience but it didn’t elaborate on what to do with the information once you got it or the best ways to reach your audience.  I might be expecting too much from these tutorials, but it seems like they would give you some resources so you could continue with your goal to reach your target audience?  


  1. I agree with the lack of information on the tutorials. But then again I don't think that faculty are the target audience.

  2. The target audience is novice business people. I think it would be even more important to given them access to tutorials---especially in view of the very basic questions they asked their family and friends in the "story."

  3. Even thought the Target Audience was weak in this session, it reminds us that we must know our audience and present on their level. As a teachers, we sometimes feel that the students should rise to our level of understanding of a topic. In reality, the best teachers can morph their knowledge and skills to a level of understanding that can be absorbed. Communication has a sender, a receiver, and constant feedback to evaluate if the message was clearly understood. Andy

  4. You gave me a great idea about business emails. You are correct in saying that everyone assumes students know how to send appropriate emails. I am very surprised by some of the language and grammer errors I get in emails sent from them. This would be a very helpful lesson to incorporate in my class next semester. Thank you for the idea!