Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 5: Target Audience + Effective Presentations

One of the most useful things that I learned while getting my Ph.D. was to identify the target audience and then tailor the presentation for them.  At first, the constant bombardment of questions from professors during the presentation seemed, at best, downright rude.  After a while I realized that they were doing it for my benefit.  Each person always asked similar types of questions so I was able to anticipate and put extra slides at the end of my presentation just for them.  That always went over well and showed that I was prepared and knew what I was talking about.

I might add identifying target audience to my lab sections.  One of our labs is a water analysis lab.  After we do our typical report meant for chemists I could have them prepare a second report meant for elementary students.

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  1. I appreciate the emphasis on identifying target audiences (lab vs. elementary students). I am currently teaching an Early Childhood course where we discuss targeting information to young children vs. parents vs. fellow staff/faculty. Also, I am teaching FSSE and we have discussed targeting information to potential employers vs. coworkers/peers. We have formal language and informal language and all of these elements are critical to consider when choosing communication tools.