Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Reflections on inventory management and maximizing capacity

I chose to do maximizing capacity first. I totally connected with Ming. I feel like that would be me. Trying to do everything and make everyone happy and then over committing myself and not getting anything done.  I thought this was a valuable lesson because as new entrepreneurs start out they are excited to accept any and all orders.  This exercise gives them a reality check.  I could incorporate this lesson into my FSSE course by stressing that the same thing happens when we take on too many courses at a time and don't realize how much time it is going to take outside of class.

Additionally I looked at the managing inventory module.  I thought this module was very helpful in understanding how the different products for managing inventory are actually suited differently for different types of businesses. I didn't really see a way to directly relate the information to my current FSSE curriculum but I think it is a lesson that would be interesting to students.

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  1. Hi Courtney- Yes! Time management is huge! I like your idea about incorporating this into the FSSE course. Not only do students have to manage all aspects of their lives - work, school, family - but they have to prioritize what activities have the biggest payout. I also like the inventory management unit. From working with my husbands business - this has been such a headache and they have had numerous problems with theft over the years. They have had to become very rigorous about tracking inventory.