Monday, September 21, 2015

WEEK 3_Marketing_Social Media Module_Brenda Beach

The Marketing/Social Media module was a ton of fun! I think this is because I'm somewhat familiar with social media and because the stories for this scenario had interesting small businesses as examples.  I read the HINTS before I tried to complete each of the little exercises, which made the exercises in the module very simple to complete.

It is very easy to see how I can fit social media into a lesson plan on education, professionalism and entrepreneurship. Students can begin  to establish their personal brand now by changing the tone of their Facebook and other social media accounts to one of the burgeoning professional.  Some of them will even have old, ill-considered accounts that they may have to really clean up in order to change the way their digital footprint reads.

I have a very busy week ahead of me, so I had to do this early. And, this week, I will not have time to do more than the one module, although I may go back later and complete more of it.


  1. Brenda, like you I have used social media not only to "socialize", but I also use it to market my company. ATC should, if they do not already, offer the students courses in marketing. For many of the trades offered at ATC, marketing their services or business is a necessity today. The nice thing about Facebook is that you can advertise at very low rates. However, it is up to the person how well they present themselves and/or their products., i.e. picture quality, etc.. With a cache of "Facebook Friends", one click could reach thousands for a low price.

    1. Hey, Andy. One thing I worry about with the social media is that the single click might reach more than just potential clients or patrons. I suppose that is my criminal justice background, and I do need to do more research to find out how the filters and blocking apps can make it safes to do business in the online environment. Without a doubt, that is the wave of the future, and those who do not get savvy quickly are likely to be left behind.

      I thin teaching students to think of social media sites as more than a way to be cool and connected is the key to helping them take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Being professional and purposefully targeting those with whom we interact online are learning objectives that I hope I can incorporate in to my lesson plan.