Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 2: Finance Discussion

Week 2: Finance: (9/6 - 9/12) 
  • Basics of finance: Learn key concepts to understand your expenses and find out when you will make a profit
  • Profit and loss: Learn to calculate profit and loss (P&L) considering all costs, including your hidden expenses.
  • Finding funding: Explore sources and strategies to obtain funding for your business.
  • Cash flow: Explore how to monitor and track your cash flow.
  • Sales forecasting: Learn why sales forecasting is important for your business and how to gather information to make a sales forecast.

Discussion Prompt:

After reading through the Finance module, discuss what you have learned from this training. Share your thoughts about how you can integrate what you’ve learned into a learning experience for your students. What are you excited and nervous about in regards to integrating this content to your course? What difficulties can you see in integrating these topics into a lesson? What can you do to help alleviate these difficulties?

Explore your classmates’ ideas and join an online conversation. In your responses to your classmates (at least 2), compare and contrast your views. Then, discuss your thoughts. Do you and your classmates share similar ideas and concerns?

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed the finance module. I was impressed by just how in depth the module went concerning the break even exercise and figuring out how much you would need to sell your product for to make a profit. I can foresee incorporating an aspect of locating funding for schooling in FSSE. Since my goal is to get the students to see themselves as their product and invest in themselves and their education, I would want to modify the module slightly to look for school funding.

    I can see how my students might be lost as to how to make the connection between finding funding for a business and finding funding for their education.