Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Reflections on Managing Contact Information by Stephanie Phillips

I did find this weeks modules much more interesting and useful. My favorite module was "Managing Contact Information" because I find myself getting lost in all of the daily operations and tasks that I need to complete. I am certainly going to use this information to help organize my schedule. I found it easy to use. I enjoyed the activity in which you record important infomation about the customer during a phone call. I also liked the idea that you could set reminders of tasks such as calling a customer back.
As a dental hygienist in private practice, I found it valuable to record certain facts about each patient in their patient file such as "just had grandchild" or "daughter just left for college" so that I could follow up with that patient at their next visit. It would always impress the patient that I actually remembered that simple fact about them and it helped build rapport. I could use this information to show my students how to keep up with each patient. It is a much better way to stay organized.


  1. Stephanie -
    I, too, chose this section of the materials. The memory (at least mine) can use these assists! I laughed when I saw your point of using it for recording patient facts to assist in building rapport. Excellent plan!

  2. Stephanie - I thought this was a very interesting and EXCELLENT idea. Adding personal details about your clients and then using them in your next encounter embodies everything I feel good customer service is today. Our lives are all so fast paced and we feel like we are just another face in the crowd. Something this simple and easy can really give you the edge to keep your clientele and have them recommending you to all of their friends.