Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week 4 - Managing Contact Information

This was my favorite course so far!  Like many, I need a system to document and organize by customer contacts and their demographics.  This will also be helpful for my students in regard to contact info and assignments.  As usual, this lesson only allowed you to perform the functions, "THEIR WAY", rather than the numerous ways available to the experienced user.

A standard, at least on my computer for these lessons, is that the fonts cannot be dynamically increased, (i.e. with fingertip expansion).  This requires me to adjust my display setting in order to view the small dialogue font... arghhh!


  1. Hey, Andy.
    I'm guessing that HP thinks THEIR WAY is the best way. My problem with that is that I, too, know some alternate ways to perform the functions reviewed in this lesson. But, here's the good part...we got a reminder that we don't always get to choose how we do a particular job. That could be a very good lesson to pass on to our students. ;-)

  2. Andy,
    This was one of my favorite modules thus far as well. I thougth it had many similar functions as my smart phone (which I call my brain since it does a lot of "thinking" for me). My favorite part is having the ability to put specific notes about each customer and that it would remind you when to call them back. I find this helpful since people start to "blend" together after a short time.

  3. Yes, Andy... I also experience frustration with the "one method" approach in these exercises. The upside for me is that it is forcing me to learn an alternate pathway instead of resorting to my norm. And unfortunately... I also agree on the small print.
    signed -
    a fifty year old ::smile::