Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 5: Communication Discussion

Week 5: Communication (10/4-10/10)
__ Complete at least one mini-course from the HP LIFE E-Learn Communication section (Your target audience, Effective presentations, Business email, Presenting data, and/or Effective business websites)  
__ Write your weekly reflection on your topic from the Communication section focusing on application to your “pitch”
__ Participate in weekly discussion – Video Conference – Blackboard Collaborate
Discussion Prompt:
After reading through the Communication module, discuss what you have learned from this training. Share your thoughts on how you can prepare your students to create effective presentations, write professional emails, and communicate effectively in their educational and professional experiences. How can you integrate the of this module into a lesson? Explore your classmates’ ideas and join an online conversation. In your responses to your classmates (at least 2), compare and contrast your views. Then, discuss your thoughts. Do you and your classmates share similar ideas and concerns?

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